Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bunny Christmas Card Photos , Links and an Outtake...

Hello there,
Welcome to this page. It has been a week since I've put something here to share. I have been busy getting some stuff ready for the holidays, like for Thanksgiving and for trying out different ideas with the bunnies for Christmas Cards. Here are a few of those you can see here..... I just gave the link to one photo, but on the page you can browse some of the others. These were just some I chose. I had to take a lot of photos to get some to choose from. I dressed the bunny up on different occasions, so not to overstress her. Not all bunnies let you dress them up and they are quite the Houdini at escaping out of clothing. Here are the cards....

Let me know what you think of them. My sweet little girl Grumbellina (although a funny sounding name, it is an affectionately given name due to a story behind it, which I will share another time). I give her lots of reward and cuddle time to thank her for letting me put her through this. Here is one of the "If Glaring Looks Could Kill Shots"-

And Below is one from a different day in a much happier moment. She is in her own environment.

One thing I try to do is to keep her calm with lots of petting and soothing talk. If she is greatly unwilling to participate, I scrap the idea. It is a good idea to not stress the bunny out. One needs to always remember to think of it as the bunny is doing me a big favor! She is not my slave or here to do my whims. Companion animals have a relationship with us and that relationship needs to be thought of as just that- a relationship where there is give and take on both sides with respect for the other. We need to remember that they have likes, dislikes, moods, needs and wants like us.
I will publish more this Holiday week. I thank you for spending time with me.
Til next time,
Mary Ellen

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