Friday, October 23, 2009

What a joy, sickness & personal losss/hard decisions

Hi my friends,
This has been a busy, fun as well as sad week. It was fun to visit my husband's family/grandmother for her 108th birthday (see my last blog post). I had a couple of extra day's off. I have also caught a crummy cold from our trip to Massachussets to visit the family. I missed extra work for that and I am feeling worn down. I also lost a friend to a heart attack before our trip. Then we unfortunately made a decision to have our poor little Butterscotch bunny put to sleep late last night. . I won't talk about him right now because I feel like I will get too upset. It hasn't really sunk in yet.

The good thing is that I have much worse weeks than this before. I can appreciate what I have and count my blessings. It is just annoying to feel so worn down. And I know that losing such a wonderful rabbit, Butterscotch, an English Lop, is going to hit hard as well. We made one trip and waited quite a while for news on him at the vet and left him to be hospitalized and then we received a phone call. It told us of his extremely poor condition, which the vet said "just won't have a happy ending". We went back. It was late. We made a very tough decision at least spent his last moments with him. We let him know he was loved and tried to give him as much comfort as possible. We all deserve that dignity. It was better than dying alone in a strange place. I won't go into what his suffering was today. I just can't.

To some rabbits are stew, a meal. I am open enough to accept that not everyone thinks the way I do. To me, they are loving companions with whom I can share my love back.
Thanks for coming by,
til next time
Mary Ellen

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