Friday, October 16, 2009

Transitional Day

Hello there friend,
I am glad you came along. Friends are important in our lives. Today I lost a friend. She passed away earlier this month. Possibly a heart attack in bed. No one had heard from her and someone went into her place to check on her and found her. It is difficult and sad. I wanted to express a note here about her. I won't share her name for various reasons, but want the world to know she is missed and always will be.

Its a universal message anyway to not forget people. It is also important to learn and remember that we touch people's lives and they touch ours. Try to let them know how appreciated they are. I, at least, think my friend knew that from the last time we saw each other. I hope she knew. She let me know she appreciated me. My regret is not getting in touch enough. I love people, but also tend to like my own space a lot. Sometimes I probably do let too much time pass.

I am also going to Massachussetts this weekend for my husband's grandmother's 108th birthday. I will post photos from that trip. So today, I have also been getting it together for the trip. It is only a couple of hours from here, but one wants to look and be one's best, as well as not forget anything such as cameras and other things that are really truly needed.

On a more cheerful note, I look forward to seeing potential fall foliage in full glory. If this happens, I will share photos of that. We will be in Concord, Mass. My dear brother will look after the bunnies, whom I will miss.

Remember, don't forget to let people know you love them as well as not forgetting to love yourself.

Til next time my friend.

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