Friday, September 18, 2009

A very early morning here on the East Coast. Good Morning, I have been up late playing with some designs for a on-line store I have started.
It is all in the beginning stages but it is exciting to try new stuff, as well as share and express my love for rabbits.

I had fun this afternoon playing with some of my bunnies in the yard. They are a big and loving part of my life. It was fun to see them frolic and play. It is fun to see some of the other dimensions of their personalities come out in a different environment for most of them are house rabbits. Some are rescues. Some have been bought. They are all special with their own unique personalities.

Little by little, I will tell about them and talk about other aspects of life-related and not related to bunnies. You will get to know my bunny family. I hope to hear about yours also. The Black and White Lop Rabbit used as my profile picture right now is Grumbellina (an unusual name which I will explain sometime as well). She is super sweet and loyal and cuddles with me in bed quite often. Not for the whole night, I don't feel that would be safe for her. We both do help each other to relax though.

Thanks for reading!

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