Friday, April 12, 2013

Georgie and Fluffy: An Update on E.Cunniculi

First of all, I'd like to truly express appreciation to those who helped Fluffy out with his medical bills.  It has helped make a difference in his being alive!
Fluffy after a butt bath

Since the time of my last post (click here), Fluffy has been going through ups and downs, but has been slowly improving.  A short time after the last post, my other rabbit Georgie had started to demonstrate symptoms different, but similar to those of Fluffy.

Georgie is about six years old, but had been healthy up until this time except for a front paw which was either injured and didn't heal correctly or has some type of bone condition which caused a lower bone to not connect correctly with the rest of his bones/joints. He seems to get a long fine and the vet was not concerned with it after taking xrays. He, now though, has been since diagnosed with e.cuniculi along with Fluffy.  Fluffy was diagnosed with having kidney issues at first, but the e.c. diagnosis came with follow-up.
Georgie (front) in healthier days
Georgie, less robust, and just staring while leaning on cage

Georgie is showing interest in food (cage closed so I don't distract him)

Georgie has demonstrated more issues with stargazing, head sway and an unsteady gait. Fluffy has been dealing with balance issues, kidney issues and some paralysis, as well as wasting away.

Fluffy in healthier days

The boys have been receiving treatment with fenbendazole and ivermectin. There has been some very slow improvement, but it's taking time. They both have been needing butt baths, extra care and attention. They also have been lots of loving attention to encourage having a will to live, to keep them active and interested in life and eating.  They are generally seem to respond well when they get lots of attention.

Sadly, but fortunately (in a way of gaining experience to help these pals), I've had experience in dealing with e.cuniculi along time ago. I wouldn't wish it on anyone or any anipal whatsoever. I lost one rabbit to e.cunniculi because the vet at the time wouldn't treat that rabbit until the test came back. The rabbit died because treatment was started way too late. I learned a lot from the loss of my poor Thumper, who suffered so much. I was devastated. I swore this would never happen to any of my bunnies again. I have better vets and am much more aggressive about getting treatment.
A thin Fluffy showing some interest in sliced (easier to nibble) carrots

The more recent photos of Fluffy and Georgie show them sick. I took pictures with a camera phone so as not to disturb them with noises my camera makes or to startle them with a flash.  Fluffy and Georgie both now (since after the photos were taken) have fleece blankies they lie on or spend most of their time on for their comfort and to help with urine scald.  There have times that especially Fluffy scared me with where he looked near death, but with the answering of many prayers, he keeps on fighting. I will share more photos as they improve. 

It's hard to tell how thin Fluffy is because of his Angora fur. One thing people should always do is feel their bunny's body to see if they are bony, losing weight, and for any abnormalities in general on a regular basis. Even for short hair rabbits, one can't always tell by looking if there are changes!

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Thank you everyone for your support. Any support you can make with a purchase at Bunny Burrow Boutique would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking for donations, but rather to obtain funds through sales at Bunny Burrow Boutique to help pay for my sweet boys' medical bills.

Thank you.


  1. I am truly at a loss for words here... I am so happy to see Fluffy & Georgie are somewhat ok. I lost our Lil Bear to this dreaded illness last year. He had urine scald & had to endure his butt baths too. I pray and think of these guys everyday & I know with Mary Ellen's love and care, they're they are not feeling too much discomfort most of all. My Heart weighs so heavy for these precious innocents. I just wish there were so much more we could do.

  2. I feel for you my last bun also called Thumper had this and nearly died but he recovered and lasted another 2 years but in the end because he was getting on it did get him but he had a great life,hope these two get well soon

  3. Thank you Tribal Bunny and Speedy Rabbit. So sorry about the loss of Lil Bear. I am sorry you both had to go through this. I'm glad Thumper did have a good life and that he did have extra time with you. That is so important. They are fighting. It's so difficult when Georgie just stares right through me sometimes. It's a somewhat catatonia type state, I've read. I try to keep him stimulated and alert to his surrounds to help him focus. This is such a dreaded disease. I will keep people updated more regularly. It's so important. One good thing is that this might help me see the progress by writing it down, but also may help show people about the struggles but give hope.
    Many hugs to Tribal Bunny and Speedyrabbit, as well as your companion bunnies!
    Mary Ellen