Monday, May 14, 2012

Ten Reasons To Be Owned By a Bunny

Listening to a person who has bunnies in their home,  someone who hasn't had the pleasure or exposure to them will perhaps say that bunnies are overrated or that a rabbit lover is full of it somehow.  There are people that just don't get it. Some just need to understand more and learn a bit more to understand, and then there are others who will just never get it. That is okay. We all have our likes and dislikes. It makes our world interesting. They may be a dog, cat or perhaps a reptile or ferret person, among the many enthusiasms that people demonstrate for animals. As long as they don't hurt animals, even someone who doesn't like animals is okay in my book.

But in getting back to the bunnies, they are a creature that takes more time to get to know and vice versa. They take their time to get to know us.  Taking that time is a worthwhile pursuit. There are other places you can find out about that process.  If you wish to try that that pursuit though, here are some reasons why to inspire you in no certain order. You can look up some more in-depth information on most of these, by looking around at .

1) They generally are quiet. Once you get to know them, they have their noises they make and ways of communicating which will amaze you, but they are quiet and great if you get tired of the world of noise that seeps into our lives and takes away much of our calm.

2) They use litter boxes! No trips to use a pooper scooper in the snow at 5AM like you might have to do with canine friends. Of course they most likely will need a little training with it, but being instinctively clean animals, they usually learn quickly. Sometimes, they even will show us how they want to use the litter box (es?). Bunnies have some different needs though with it, so look up the right way. 

3) They are social! Rabbits are social with each other and with us. It takes time for us to get to know them and vice versa. The thing about bunnies is that they take their time. Actually they teach us much about the right way to invest in relationships, instead of going too quickly.  If you have had other types of animals in your life, it is a good idea to learn about bunnies first.  They are not aloof like cats, but they are as outgoing as dogs.  They like to make sure they can trust us.
They love to play with each other (if there is more than one bun in your household) and they like to play with us. In fact it is recommended that if we can't spend much time with bunnies, that we get them a bunny pal. They will socialize with other animals in a household also, but one needs to approach that with knowledge (research) and some caution.
They can become depressed without interaction or at the loss of a pal.

4) They are entertaining! Bunnies provide much entertainment, just as much as I think we may provide to them!  Their antics of running Bunny 500s, binkying, nose bonks, etc. are classic. Their individual personalities and relationships with us are something else! The begging looks when they smell something they love to eat, watching them play around tossing things that seem meaningless to us, ways to get our attention. Their interactions with each other and with us are often funny as hell.  They often draw us in.  Do something they don't like, such as give attention to another bunny or a significant other human and see how quickly you might get the cold shoulder!  I used to be fascinated by one bunny I had that was a peace making mediator. He would get in between two others in disagreement, lick them both, and do whatever magic he did and the bunnies would all get along. He did this constantly- and with different bunnies!  I never saw another do that. I don't have cable TV- besides checking out something I really don't want to miss on the internet, I just either interact with or play with the bunnies!

5) They all have very different personalities. When I first had to interact with a bunny, Snowflake was a very huge white bunny donated to us in the nursing home I worked at. When I first started researching how to take care of a bunny, he started to follow me around the place and would hop up next to me when I sat down.  He got me hooked on bunnies. When I brought home Grumble Bunny, she was aloof and rascally, but fiercely loyal and loving.  I've had fraidy buns, the peace maker, the cuddler, the Gandhi, the sex maniac (even after neutering), the Gray Widow Maker (she was extremely domineering if left to have her way), the comedians, the athletes, the brooder, the Cowardly Lionhead...etc. I've had a lot of rabbits and probably always will.  They all interact differently with us and each other.  I haven't had other animals while I've had bunnies, but I've seen them interact very differently with different types of animals in other's households. They just only have to take time to get to know us and vice versa.

6) They teach us a lot of important things about life. From my bunnies, I have learned an incredible amount about life. They teach about different types of love, patience, loyalty, persistence, consistency, balance in life to be healthy (diet, leisure, work, exercise, etc.), well being, taking time for ourselves just through interactions and everyday life. They also have made me learn indirectly about how nature works-such as about organics and mother nature vs. all the things mankind does artificially to alter and often harm things.

7) You can fertilize your garden or lawn with their bunny berries. Bunny manure is from vegetarian sources. It doesn't have the harmful bacteria such as e.coli that comes from many other animals, which needs to be cured.  Bunny berries, as a friend of mine affectionately call them, can go right in the garden. You don't have to worry about if they are acidic or alkaline. They are safe for everything! My friend showed me an experiment in his garden of the same types of veggies grown with bunny berries and the same but without bunny berries. The bunny berry gardens had bigger, healthier more colorful veggies!
Bunny Berries are also a big ingredient often used with vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is composting with worms. The worms take in what is left for them and leave out much more nutritious soil product for our gardens to grow in.  The burrowing of the worms also aerates the soil and breaks it apart for water & air flow and roots to grow. Much better for making nutrients available for our crops and plants.

8) They are interactive!  They respond to us and each other in different ways! Body language (lots of great stuff out there on the internet about it), noises and antics. Tooth click purring is one of the greatest compliments from a bunny when being petted.  They steal toys and food from each other, tease each other, cuddle and groom each other.  Certain looks, a noise, a grunt, running around and looking at us, a nose bonk (sort of like playing friendly game of tag) make us react in certain ways. They learn some of our words, their names. It's like a little community within my own home!  They respond to all types of things with each other and us. They seek us out for comfort and we seek them out for the same, all though what is being comforted is probably different. They love to play.

9) We learn about eating healthier. Between seeing how the balance of a diet is so important, taking in organic food, and eating more greens, veggies than other types of food, I have been forced to learn about the benefits of this lifestyle as opposed to the junk we can take in.  Bunnies can become diabetic or have life threatening illnesses (GI Stasis for example) or have issues of all different types from eating an inbalanced diet. Also, they can have neurological problems from pesticides or be poisoned from them or have other issues.  Keeping it simple, clean, natural and healthy is the way to go. We don't need to interfere as much as we do with what mother nature does for us!  Buying them stuff in the produce department also forces me to look for myself there more as well!

10) They are great listeners!  Bunnies, with those long ears, often at attention of the environment when we aren't aware, are some of the best listeners.  One lady in a nursing home I worked at used to come talk to Snowflake, the big white bunny, everyday. She talked about how she outlived her abusive husband and the things he would do to her. Snowflake listened everyday and always responded with love and acceptance. We complain about work, or something that gets on our nerves to them. They quiet us down or they may act frightened. So for them to listen we learn to ground ourselves a bit, quiet down and talk to them in a civilized tone. They may try to take our mind off things by inviting us to play or pet them. The bunnies often relax people when I bring them to visit the nursing homes.

We gain so much from our bunnies and they gain so much from us. People often say that they own a pet. I truly think they own us by the time they are in our homes and hearts!

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  1. As for the first reason, they are quiet. My Monster (Giant Checkered), she is NOT quiet at any means. lol, she thinks she is a dog, she even has her own "bunny" house in our mud room. That's her entire room. She will growl and do this little yip thing, trying to bark. She will play fetch and run around with the dogs (2 border collies). She's a little comedian.