Friday, October 14, 2011

Did You Know?...Interesting Rabbit Trivia

Hello there,

Just thought you might be interested in knowing a few interesting tidbits related to our friends of the lagomorph variety in the form of trivia.

1) Did you know that Hugh Hefner of Playboy Mansion fame and his famous Playboy Bunnies has a species of rabbit named after him? The Sylvilagus palustris hefneri is an endangered species of rabbit known that lives in Florida and is also called by the name of Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit.
Hugh Hefner's Namesake

2) Did you know the New England Cottontail Rabbit is facing extinction in the New England States of the United States? There are a few factors affecting this such as the Eastern Cottontail rabbit was brought in a long time ago for hunting. They are considered an invasive species. The Eastern Cottontail was brought in for hunting purposes. They are slightly bigger and move somewhat quicker in response to threats such as predators as well as moving in on the habit of their New England cousin. There has also been the resurgence of these predators due to the reintroduction of them into our woodland areas. The two biggest things affecting all the New England Cottontails and their predators is that they are losing their land/habitat to mankind's urban sprawl. We are eating up the land, environment and resources of all of our wild animal companions on this planet. Also, due to starting about 60 years ago, New England farmland which was abandoned was an ideal environment for these rabbits, but now much of that same land has become either reforested or has become urban or suburban sprawl. This has continued to eat away at their environment. There are some conservation efforts that have started, but we don't know if it's too late.Link to New England Cottontail dot com
New England Cottontail

3) Did you know that domesticated rabbits in the homes as pets in most countries that have them as pets are of European ancestry? They were brought over here from Europe.  They are the 3rd most popular house pet next to cats and dogs in England. Domesticated Rabbits are also rapidly becoming popular house pets in the United States as well.  They are social and can be easily litter-box trained.

I will probably add a bit more to these tidbits to flesh them out more, but I wanted to share these interesting things-some needing our attention. I will share more interesting trivia in the future in other posts. Hoping you enjoyed this information. Hope you are having a Bunderful Day and that you will share some of your thoughts, comments, suggestions or questions in the comment area below! Thanks for Hopping By!

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