Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Lost Rabbit

Last fall, my husband was feeding some of our outdoor rabbits.  He felt movement at his feet as some of the extra rabbit pellets, hay and other goodies were falling from the containers in his hands.  He looked down and thought at first that a rabbit had escaped.  Down by his sandals, he felt and saw a tiny little black, gray and brown ball of fur moving about his feet.  He put down the food containers and went to pick up this little dark fluff that was beginning to display small rabbit ears!  He picked up the little bunny and quickly looked her over, just to make sure it wasn't one of ours, not being sure if I may have sneaked one in on him! 

The little ball of fluff seemed healthy, but hungry. Little Ball of Fluff was put in a carrier with a generous bowl of food, hay and water which the furball went right after voraciously. The little bunny seemed like it might be a Lion-head breed or Jersey Wooly by looks, or perhaps a combination. This rabbit was a sweet little creature, affectionate and seemingly grateful for the food and shelter at the moment. I checked her to see what her gender was revealing she was a female.  I took a walk around my neighborhood and nearby streets to see if anyone was missing a rabbit.  Behind my backyard, divided by a huge wood stockade fence, is a park with a playground, picnic area, a stream , baseball fields, tennis courts, and basketball court.  Needless to say, this area covers a vast amount of land.  There are some known predators in the area as well. I was trying to figure out if that is the direction the bunny may have come from. It didn't seem possible.  There weren't too many rabbit owners in the area. 

It was so amazing to me and to my husband that this little bunny found her way to our yard. I wonder if she could smell the bunnies we had, or the food and hay.  It really was quite a miracle that she found a safe haven in us out of other possibilities. Then I started thinking, that perhaps she was some type of gift, escaping a bad situation.

I was quickly becoming very attached to this bunny and hoping selfishly no one would claim her.  She was sweet and playful. I did bring her outside to see if my neighbor, who loved and sometimes rescued animals, had seen anyone looking for a bunny or if Little Ball of Fluff looked familiar to him.  No luck. My neighbor can be talkative, but I didn't mind standing in-between our houses listening to some of his extra talking because of the sweet little bunny I was holding, cuddling and trying to make feel safe.

Only through the corner of my eye, did I see a mini-van driving slowly by, but kept going.  Several more talkative minutes later did the mini-van pull up to near where my neighbor and I were standing. The woman in the passengers seat rolled down her window and asked if we saw or heard anyone mention anything about a little bunny in the area.  My heart sank as I walked closer and a little boy stuck his nose to the glass of the rear passenger side window. He looked very happy, opened the window and cried out, "Sable!!!".

He came out and took the bunny from my hands without saying a word to me. The woman explained that they'd been looking for days and they lived far on the other side of the huge park. I informed the woman of the bunny being fed, watered and taken care of. She didn't seem to care and rolled up her window. She gave a slight look as they pulled away.

As happy as I was that the little boy found his bunny, I felt saddened that the bunny was gone for I had fallen in love quickly. A thank you maybe would have helped me feel a little better too.  The family's rudeness was left not as noticed because of the trust that little bunny put in trying out our home area to find safety and refuge in. It was an honor to be chosen by the Little Lost Rabbit.

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  1. I'm happy the bunny was safe, I'm sad she didn't get to stay with you. I hope the home she went to takes much better care of keeping her safe happy. Blessings to you and your hubby to helping this sweet little angel.

  2. I'm happy the boy got his bunny back but sad for your loss.
    New follower,

  3. Nice for the boy to have found his bunny bummer for you.

    Thanks for following me from the blog hop I am following you back.