Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Things My Rabbits Have Taught Me....

Hello there again my friend,

I was thinking about all these different ways that I approach life since I've had rabbits in my life! They have educated me more than I think I have educated them!  Some things are humorous, some are serious, some just educational.  One thing I wish to say now though is that I don't ever want to be without them in my life!  They have brought so much love, joy, pain, depth and insight into my life; how could I not have them! They have been in my life over ten years (as of this writing). How could I not love them?

Okay, here are some of the things I have learned in no certain order! I have a feeling there will be more posts like this in the future, considering I will learn more and realize more as life goes on! Also, there is no way I will be able to think of everything in this one posting!

1) Rabbits are very knowledgeable instinctively about what is natural and what isn't!  They can smell my hands after applying scented lotion or other cosmetics and will turn away at something that isn't of natural origin. Even if something is supposed to be scented to smell like an apple or almond for example, they know the difference. I have had rabbits try to nibble my fingers off after smelling them with some scents.

They also can tell if fruits and vegetables have been treated with something quite often, but not always! In my more naive days, I was traveling in my car with a little bunny in her carrier. I didn't want to leave the bunny in a hot car to get something to eat, so I got a salad and apples at McDonald's as part of the meal.  There was no dressing or anything added to the salad at the time yet. I gave the little bunny some apple slices, carrots and other greens (no iceberg lettuce). The bunny would not eat any of it. This would be very unusual for this rabbit.  After an hour or two, the apples were not turning brown either. In fact, the leftover salad in the container was not one bit wilted! Very unusual! I was very curious and let the apples in the container sit in the car over night. Still the apples didn't turn brown! What does McDonald's put in their food? What do they do to it? Since then, I've seen many reports on how even after years hamburgers, french fries and the like don't degrade or deteriorate, but look almost new, when left to sit. You can find stuff on YouTube about it.

Those bunnies have made me look at food much differently and make me wonder what the stuff in that food could possibly do to me and my fellow human beings!

2)  Rabbits eat plants, grass, and other things that have grown from the soil.  Their "poo" or bunny berries (as a friend of mine refers to them) makes great fertilizer straight from the rabbit!  Other "manure" from many other creatures has to be seasoned and allowed to degrade. In some cases, it is because of too much nitrogen and it will "burn" your plants and lawn. In other cases, it is from creatures that eat meat or are fed it. These cases the manure would have e-coli bacteria among other potential outbreak hazards.

Bunny poo is also great for composting in a compost heap or through vermicomposting (composting with worms that break it down into nutrients more accessible to plants). Vermicomposting is also great because it will help create more worms and add them to your soil and garden. Worms are great for your soil and garden because they not only break down the compost, but because they help loosen hardened dry soil and aerate it. The compost also helps the soil hold moisture and can help make a big difference in so many ways that helps make the soil and earth healthier!

3)  Rabbits are quite social and loving creatures that have made me think about the suffering and pain that other animals go through in some situations. They have made me so much more conscientious about what I eat and take in. I would never want to see them in pain or have pain and suffering inflicted on them.

4)  They seem to have a sense of humor! I have seen them sneak up to me and snatch food from a dish and then binky as if they have gotten away with something. They express emotions in their eyes and movements once you get to know them by studying about their body language and getting to know your rabbits through time and interaction.

5)  It is quite a compliment to have the trust of a rabbit! Unlike cats and dogs, they are prey animals. They are dinner to other creatures in the food chain.  They are extremely cautious and will not be too willing to give you the time of day if they don't trust you.   It takes time for them to get to know you, but they are so social, loving, loyal and extremely worthwhile if you take the time!  I have had some other animals in my life, but will never feel as highly regarded and also respectful of the love of a rabbit.  Through them I've learned more about compassion, human nature and Mother Nature, love and forgiveness, respect, laughter and how fragile life can be.  You can learn more about them through the House Rabbit Society web site. There is great information there on getting to know them.

6)  Rabbits have just as many varied personalities, personal tastes, likes and dislikes as we humans do.  Some things may be based somewhat on "breed" and "size" a little bit, but they they really vary!  Some are shy and fearful and won't change much in that regard. Some are wiry, active and social. Some are cuddly and will cuddle in bed or in your arms. Some are aloof, but like to play. There are many unlimited possibilities. It is great to get to know rabbits. One thing I do find very important is to appreciate, love and respect a bunny for what they are in personality and don't expect or try to change them into something they are not.  This will make all the difference in the world. It also teaches us a lot about dealing with people and other animals too!  We can gain much more and see our bunnies and human friends, as well, at their best. We can see what makes them very special. It can bring out their very best. It can show us beauty in life in boundless, limitless ways . Acceptance for "who" they are. I am continuing to learn how special different people are and what special things I have missed and would have missed in this world. This is all due to learning this from the little long-earred companions that I have had in my life!

I have probably written enough for now. I definitely will share more at another time! Thank you for spending your time here with me! I would love to hear what you think or know how the bunnies in your life have taught you!
Thanks for stopping by!
In Friendship,
Mary Ellen


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