Sunday, November 8, 2009

Raked Leaves at work today

Hi my friend,
I raked leaves at a community garden with my clients today. It is rewarding to know that we are helping an urban neighborhood have a "green" place to go to find solace in the world of noise and concrete that surrounds people there.

It has been a pleasant place to go throughout the seasons so far-from planting, weeding & maintaining. It has been wonderful getting to know people in the neighborhood that live there. They share a vital interest in the garden, which has many native species and perennials planted there. My clients get all kinds of reward from participating in the many aspects of care of the garden as well as just spending time there or having a place to go for peace and quiet or special events.

They also have spent time getting to know people in the neighborhood which represent a wide variety of people from all backgrounds and ties to the area. The area is in New Haven, CT where Yale University is. The garden is associated with the neighborhood, Yalies, local people of diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic background. It is an interesting little microcosm of New Haven bringing back nature!

I will share photos from this place throughout the seasons another time here! Hope you are doing well and I thank you for visiting as usual!! Thanks for sharing your time with me!
Til next time,
Mary Ellen

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